Start of a 2.5D Platformer

Introducing and going over the initial setup of a 2.5D platforming game I am starting

Objective: Introduce and talk about initial steps taken to kick off the project.


As mentioned in the title, the next project I am working on is a 2.5D platformer. In this project, I will be implementing a physics-based character controller, double jump mechanics, collectibles and power-ups, and more. As I create all of these things, I will also be touching on animations, shaders, and a few other things as well.

Level Setup

The first thing I created for the project was a quick prototype-level environment. This consisted of five cubes with a scale transform of (5,1,1), with four of them on screen and the fifth platform being slightly off-screen towards the right-hand side.

I also went ahead and made my platforms green, just because for now.

Player Setup

The next thing I did was set things up with our prototype player. For this, created a simple capsule GameObject and gave it a blue material as shown here.

I also went ahead and gave the player a basic jump for now.

Collectibles Setup

Lastly, I created the prototype collectibles. For this, I simply created a 3D sphere and attached to it a simple gold material I created.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading! In the next article, I will be creating the player’s physics-based controller.




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Gabe Gomez

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