New Mobile 2D Game

Going over how I set up my new project for development

Objective: Introduce my next project and get it set up with version control.

The Project

My next game will be a 2D dungeon crawler created for mobile platforms. While I create this project, I will be going over how we can create environments using tilemaps, setting up player controllers, creating enemy AI, implementing ads, and much more.

Setting up the Project for Development

The first thing I did was go ahead and create a new project with Unity Hub using the 2D template. I named my project “Dungeon Escape”. Once loaded, my Unity editor for the project looked like the screenshot below.

With that created, I then went ahead and set up my project with version control. For a more in-depth tutorial as to how I set up version control for my Unity projects, I would recommend checking out one of my previous articles where I cover this topic in detail. Below is my GitHub and the project files for the mobile game can all be found here.

Thank you for reading! In the next article, I will go over how we can use tilemaps to build environments in Unity.