Game Assets via Filebase

Talking about the game assets available to users of GameDevHQ’s Filebase

Objective: Talk about Filebase and showcase some examples of the assets available.


To start, I will explain how you can get access to Filebase and how to import it into your project.

First, there are a few ways one can get access to Filebase. One way is to pay for Filebase on a yearly subscription basis. The other way to get access to Filebase is if you join the apprenticeship program, where you will have access to Filebase for life. You can find more information about Filebase here. Once you have access, download the Filebase Unity package (it usually has a version like 4.1.0).

Now, if you haven’t already, start a project you would like to import Filebase into. Once the Unity Editor loads, drag and drop the Filebase package into your project. This should bring up a window like shown in the screenshot below:

Hit the import button at the bottom right. This will add Filebase to your project. If everything went as it should, you should now see a directory named GameDevHQ in your projects folder, and a new menu at the top of the editor named Filebase.

Using the menu at the top of the editor, open up Filebase. You should land on a screen similar to what I have shown below.

Filebase has tons of assets available to be downloaded, and I will show off some later in the article. For now, I will be importing the 2.5D starter package. Now, I get a nice little starter scene for the 2.5D project I am currently working on with things imported.

More Examples

As I mentioned earlier, Filebase has tons of assets one can choose from arenas to shoes to wizard staves, and much more. Below is a model I obtained through Filebase and then modified further in Blender and Unity to customize things as I wanted.

The original looks as shown in the image here.

Here are some more examples of things Filebase has.

That’s all for today! Thank you for reading! In the next article, I will be setting up my player in the 2.5D environment I imported.