Dungeon Escape — Moss Giant Animation Setup

Go over how I set up my Moss Giant enemy with their animations

Objective: Start creating enemy AI, starting with the Moss Giant, for my Unity mobile game, Dungeon Escape.

Idle Animation

To start, I created the idle animation for my Moss Giant enemy. To accomplish this, I will be using the following set of sprites shown below.

After splicing my sprites properly, I created an animation clip and animation controller for my Moss Giant enemy. Then, in my Animation window, I drag-and-dropped in the sprites I will be using for my Moss Giant’s idle animation.

This gave me the result we see below.

Walking Animation

Following the idle animation, I went ahead and created the walk animation for my Moss Giant enemy as well. To accomplish this, I followed similar steps to what I did in the previous section to create the Moss Giant’s idle. Once properly set up, I got the result shown below.

The only thing I did differently from the previous section is in my Animator window, I created a trigger called “Idle” and hooked up the logic as to when I would like the idle and walking animations to play.

Coding up this logic will be done in the next article. With that said, thank you for taking the time to read today’s article!




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