Dungeon Escape — Attack Animations

Going over how I implemented my player’s attack animations in Unity

Objective: Going through my implementation of attack animations for my Unity mobile game, Dungeon Escape.

Regular Attack Animation

To begin, I will be using the following set of sprites to create my animation (some not shown):

Using these sprites, I can create the animation for my player’s regular attack. With the animation properly setup, you get a result as shown in the gif below.

With our animation now created, we can now hook up logic for when it should be called. First, we need to set the conditions up in Unity’s Animator window.

This is is how my Animator window logic is hooked up for this animation. Now, using some C# code, I am able to trigger the attack animation with a left-click. Once implemented, I got the result shown below.

More Animations

Running Attack Animation
Sword Arc Animation

That’s all for today! Thanks for taking the time to read today’s article. In the next article, I will be cleaning up the player sprite and adding a camera follow.




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