Creating a Lift System

Going over how I implemented a lift system in my 2.5D game

Objective: Go over how I made the lift system in my 2.5D game.

The Functionality

To accomplish this, I utilized the code I had created when prototyping an elevator system in a previous article

Link to the article where I create this

The code I used for that is as follows:

The difference between the elevator system and the lift system is that the lift system will automatically move up and down between its positions, with a delay of a certain amount of time before moving. To accomplish this, I extended the above code to what is seen in the screenshot below:

This gave me the following result (set to two seconds simply for demonstration purposes):

Notice the delay in movement once the platform’s (right) destination is reached. That’s all for today! In the next article, I will be going over how I created a VFX I have been working on for a bit now.




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Gabe Gomez

Gabe Gomez

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