Adding Audio to our Cutscenes

Utilizing Unity’s Emmy award-winning animation technology to create immersive cutscenes

Objective: Incorporate some audio into our cutscenes.

Bringing in some Sounds

The first thing we want to do is make sure our scene stays organized as we include audio. As such, create an empty GameObject and name it something like “Audio”

Next, we will create two more empty GameObjects. One to control our voiceovers and the other to control our background music.

Now, select the two GameObjects we just created, and add an Audio Source component to both of them.

With this setup, we can use our GameObjects to play audio and control which audio tracks it plays through Timeline! Next up, let’s add the audio tracks to our Timeline. I went ahead and added my Voiceovers GameObject already, and below I demonstrate how to add an audio track with my Background Music GameObject.

Once done, let’s add an audio clip. I already have an audio clip I want to use for my cutscene and I demonstrate how you can add it to the Timeline below.

Great! Now that we have all of this setup, we can begin matching our audio and visuals! I went ahead and did this on my end. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to share the audio with you all just yet, but once I finish this project, you can see the project in all of its glory!



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