Going over my implementation of my Skeleton Enemy in Unity

Code Optimization

Before starting on my Skeleton enemy, the first thing I did was optimize my Enemy C# script. The reason I did this is that the movement behavior for my enemies is pretty similar, so it only…

Creating my Spider enemy in Unity


The first thing I did to get my Spider enemy working is create the animations it will be using for the time being. These animations are its idle animation and its walking animation. The results…

Creating my Moss Giant Enemy in Unity


Today, I will specifically be going over the movement implementation I created for my Moss Giant enemy. The implementation for attacking will be done at a later date.

Go over how I set up my Moss Giant enemy with their animations

Idle Animation

To start, I created the idle animation for my Moss Giant enemy. To accomplish this, I will be using the following set of sprites shown below.

Going over how I implemented my player’s attack animations in Unity

Regular Attack Animation

To begin, I will be using the following set of sprites to create my animation (some not shown):

Today I go over how I implemented a few player animations for the player in my game

Idle Animation

To create a 2D animation in Unity, at least with how I want to do things, it is important to have your animated sprites in the Unity editor. …

Going over how I implemented player movement for my 2D mobile game Dungeon Escape

Player Movement

Today, I will only be focusing on the horizontal movement and jumping functionality needed. The code I used to implement both can be found below

Create some Perspective Parallax and Setup our Player in Unity

Perspective Parallax

In order to achieve perspective parallax, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have a scene with varying layers to them. For example, in…

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