2D Game Dev Journey — Day 19: New Background & Negative Power-ups

Welcome to 2D Game Dev Journey — Day 19: New Background & Negative Power-ups. Today I go over how I changed our background to match the overall style, as well as how I implement a power-up that affects the player negatively.

Starting Point & Setup

Today we will be starting right where we left off in 2D Game Dev Journey — Day 18: Rare Power-ups.

To get set up for today, I went ahead and created the animation and power-up collectible for this negative power-up we will be implementing.

I also went ahead and took the time to create a background that will match the feel a bit more. This background will be one of the few we will use to create a parallax effect in the future.

System Override Implementation

As mentioned, the power-up I will be implementing today is a power-up that will affect the player negatively. In this particular case, this power-up will shut down the player’s systems for about two seconds, preventing the player from moving. After some coding, I was able to get the following result:


Thanks for checking in and reading today’s article. Tomorrow I will be implementing a bit more movement in our enemies, as well as fleshing out the background a bit more. If I have made any mistakes, please let me know so I can correct them for future readers. If you would like a more in-depth tutorial about anything I went over today, let me know and I will take the time to write something up.



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