2D Game Dev Journey — Day 17: New UI & Ammo Implementation

Welcome to 2D Game Dev Journey — Day 17: New UI & Ammo Implementation. Today I will go over how I implemented the new UI into the game and how I implemented an ammo system.

Starting Point & Setup

Today we will be starting right where we left off in 2D Game Dev Journey — Day 16: New Player Sprite & Health Collectible.

User Interface

To start, the first thing I changed in the UI was the lives representation at the top left. Changing it gave the following result:

After that, I changed the boost charge UI to the following:

Once done, I changed the text to match the font I have been using, which is Arial Rounded MT Bold.


For now, we will be giving the player about 15 shots of ammo. To get this going, the first thing I did was add the text UI that will allow the player to see how much ammo they currently have.

Next, I went about implementing this in code, giving the following result:

Alongside the visual element for the ammo, I also have a sound playing for when the player tries to shoot but is out of ammo.

Now if our player can run out of ammo, then there has to be a way for our player to get more. For this, I decided it would be pretty cool to have an ammo collectible drop on enemy death at random. When an enemy is destroyed, there is a 20% chance an ammo collectible will drop as I found this to be a pretty fair setting for now.


Thanks for checking in and reading today’s article. Tomorrow I will be adding in a new power-up that will be dropping rarely, but is definitely worth it. If I have made any mistakes, please let me know so I can correct them for future readers. If you would like a more in-depth tutorial about anything I went over today, let me know and I will take the time to write something up.




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